Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Technical Support

When looking for technical support at Potsdam here are procedures we would suggest you follow…
For BOCES Staff
Contact the BOCES office (x123). Karen Behm can then determine if problem can be fixed by the SLL BOCES Computer Technician or if Potsdam’s IT Staff should be involved.
For Potsdam Staff
When ever possible, please fill out a ‘Tech Request Job’ at the web site: http://help.potsdam.k12.ny.us
Obviously there are times when you can not get to the web site (ie. all of your computers are down, no Network, etc.), in those cases, contact your building level office and they can contact us or call us directly (x266 for the Middle School or Elementary School, x707 for the High School).
Please keep in mind that
1) the offices may be able to call our personal cell phones in the situation deems
2) though we do check our voice mail, submitting a work request gets to us SIGNIFICANTLY faster than voicemail.