Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Google Chrome: Synchronizing Bookmarks & Passwords

Recently we started installing a new web browser on PCS computers from google called “Google Chrome”. One of the many nice features in Chrome is the ability to synchronize your bookmarks and passwords among different computers (school, home, desktops, laptops, etc.). This also has the added benefit of backing up your bookmarks and passwords for you (no more losing bookmarks and passwords when you get a new computer).

To open Chrome
From the ‘Start’ menu, type: Chrome
The system will then  search for anything containing the phrase “Chrome”.
You should then see a single option, ‘Google Chrome’. Just click on it to open Chrome
Note: If you don’t have Chrome or want to install it at home, you can go to the web site http://google.com/chrome  and download Chrome for free.

To “Sign In To Chrome” (only required to ‘sync’ your bookmarks and passwords)

From the ‘Customize’ icon (on the far right, looks like a wrench) choose “Sign Into Chrome…”

Enter your google username and password (you’re PCS email account works just fine)

Google will then confirm you want to sync everything (passwords, bookmarks, and other settings). Feel free to either say ‘OK’ or go into ‘Advanced’ and choose specific options.

Synchronizing will now be done automatically for you. Feel free to follow these steps on any copy of Chrome at work or home and all will stay ‘in sync’.

How To Show and Make Bookmarks In Chrome
From the ‘Customize’ icon, choose ‘Bookmarks->Show bookmark bar’ and your bookmarks ‘bar’ will show at the top of the window.

To add a web site to the bookmarks, just check the empty ‘star’ on the right of the URL (it will then turn yellow and be in your bookmarks).