Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I wanted to pass a long a tip about a very useful program called “Dropbox”. Dropbox creates a folder (named “Dropbox”  on your computer that is shared among any number of computers. What this means is you have a folder of files that follow you to each of your computers (such as your school computer, home computer, etc.). By doing this you would no longer need to “transfer” files over the Internet, email them to yourself, or even use a USB flash drive.
To get started, go to the website http://www.dropbox.com and download dropbox.
Install dropbox. You will then be prompted to either create an account (which you need to do the first time) or logon to an existing account (which you do for all additional computers).

On Windows, the folder ‘Dropbox’ is located inside of your ‘My Documents’ folder.

On Mac, the folder is created in side of your ‘home’ folder (ie. usually your logon name).

To use just move any files or folders within ‘Dropbox’. That’s it! (Dropbox does the rest for you)

The only catch is that the free version of Dropbox only allows you 2Gigs of storage (don’t worry, it gives you warning). If you want more, they you pay for it.

Tip: If you get good at using Dropbox you can even create folders within Dropbox that you can choose to ‘share’ with other Dropbox users.